My goal in counseling is to enable you to recognize many of the lies about and the world around you that you have accepted as truth. These lies are skewing your perceptions of yourself, others, and of the God who created you. And ultimately these lies are causing enormous problems for you in relating to the world around them and accepting yourself as the special and wonderfully created person that God made in you!

I use a combination of Rational Emotive Therapy and Temperament Therapy to help you to see how your core beliefs have influenced your thoughts and then how your thoughts influence your feelings and ultimately how your feelings dictate your actions. Once you are able to recognize the lies and how they have impacted your life, then I will help you to replace the lies with the TRUTH, which will eventually lead to healing within the core of your being. Then you will have HOPE!!

I provide the following counseling services:

  1. Individual counseling for all mental health problems including anxiety, depression, disorders, and addictions.
  2. Couples counseling including marriage and premarital counseling.
  3. Family counseling for children, adolescents, teenagers, and for parent/child relational issues.

Master of Arts in Religion - Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Master of Arts in Human Services, Executive Leadership – Liberty University

Doctor of Christian Counseling – Andersonville Theological Seminary

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – National Christian Counseling Association

Ordained Minister – World Congregational Fellowship Church

I do not accept insurance as my counseling is Christian based and uses the Bible and Prayer intricately as tools in the therapeutic process. My counseling is truth based and accepts the Word of God as the authority. In saying that I do not use the Bible to shame or guilt a person into change. The Bible is God’s love letter and is meant to encourage and uplift people.

I also do not have set fees for my counseling services. I operate on a donation basis. The first appointment is a consultation session and is free of charge. After the consultation service each potential client is asked to prayerfully consider how much he or she is able to pay for the services rendered. I will accept whatever each person offers without question. 

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“You will know the truth and the truth will set your FREE!”  John 8:32 NLT

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